Hearts Break for Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers was taken into the tent, evaluated, and moments later was seen getting put onto the back of the cart with a boot on his foot. Payton Manning’s real time reaction to the scene was one felt by all Jets fans.

“Holy Cow. I cannot believe this,” Manning said. Rodgers never returned the rest of the game.

Now, multiple reports are confirming that Rodgers is out for the rest of the year. ESPN reports that the quarterback has sustained a torn left achilles.

Backup QB Zach Wilson filled in for the superstar and managed to get the Jets a win in overtime when undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson returned a punt into the end zone.

It’s unclear if Wilson will keep the starting position next week.

Rodgers has not issued a statement as of 11:00 am on Tuesday morning. What’s next is also unclear.

Mamas Uncut will continue to update this report has new information becomes available.

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