My Mother-in-Law Tried Snooping in My Bedroom Only to End up Screaming and Feeling Humiliated

Dealing with a Snooping Mother-in-Law Drama
A woman, frustrated with her intrusive mother-in-law, sought revenge after catching her snooping. The woman, fed up with her mother-in-law’s repeated invasions of their bedroom, decided to expose her behavior to her husband. Seeking advice on Reddit, she asked if her retaliation was justified.

Discovery of Snooping
The woman, noticing her mother-in-law’s habit of entering their bedroom without permission, decided to confront the issue. One day, she caught her mother-in-law rifling through bills on her dresser. Despite being caught, the mother-in-law denied snooping, claiming she was looking for a bathroom.

Implementing Glitter Trap
To address the ongoing issue, the woman installed doorknobs requiring a key on the bedroom and office doors. Despite this, the mother-in-law persisted, claiming forgetfulness. Determined to catch her in the act, the woman coated the doorknob with glitter and set up a glitter trap that would deploy when the door was opened.

Revenge Unleashed
During a family dinner, the woman unlocked the booby-trapped door. Despite her husband’s assurances, the mother-in-law couldn’t resist going into the bedroom, triggering the glitter trap. The mother-in-law, covered in glitter, erupted in anger, leading to a confrontation between the two women and tension within the family.

Divided Opinions on Revenge
While the woman’s sister-in-law supported her actions, the husband criticized her for going too far. The mother-in-law claimed damage to her car due to the glitter, leaving the woman questioning if her revenge was justified or excessive.

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