My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

A Hidden Asset Revealed

An 18-year-old woman, the owner of a two-story apartment building, invited her boyfriend to move in without disclosing her landlord status. She rented out the lower floor while residing on the upper floor.

A Relationship Tested

The boyfriend, unaware of her property ownership, learned about her landlord status and demanded half of the rental income. Despite not charging him rent or utilities, they split grocery costs evenly.

The Unveiling of Secrets

The woman concealed her ownership, considering it inconsequential until her tenant reported a freezer malfunction. Her boyfriend overheard, leading to a confrontation when she offered to reimburse the tenant for a replacement.

The Fallout

Upon learning the truth, the boyfriend accused her of deceit, labeling landlords as greedy. He demanded a share of her rental income, leading to a heated argument and threats.

The Final Straw

The woman, feeling attacked and misunderstood, ended the relationship with her boyfriend, seeking support from her father. Despite his attempts to reconcile, the boyfriend stormed out, leaving the relationship irreparably damaged.

Community Support

Reddit users sympathized with the woman’s plight, advising her to change locks and sever ties with her now-ex-boyfriend for good.

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