My Sister Invited Me to an Upscale Restaurant, Vanished into the Bathroom When It Was Time to Pay the Bills

the sister insisted that she wanted to try the restaurant. The Redditor was excited to go again since she and her husband had not eaten there in a while. Her sister brought her boyfriend, and the family had an amazing dinner together. After eating, the sister excused herself to go to the bathroom, but she took so long that her boyfriend decided to check on her. More time went by, and the boyfriend also never

returned. The Redditor and her husband went to check on them and realized they had left. As confused as can be, she texted and called her sister, who eventually sent a message that read, “Thanks for dinner; it was just as amazing as you said it would be.” Again, she and her husband were left perplexed.

The woman continued to text her sister, asking her why she left her with the bill when she never agreed to pay for everyone. But the sister did not respond. Taking Action The Reddit user warned her sister that if she did not come back to the restaurant in 30 minutes to settle her bill, she would pay for her and her husband’s portion and let the establishment take legal action. Thirty minutes went by, and the woman did as promised. She gave the restaurant her sister’s details and paid for her and her husband.

The sister did not believe the woman would actually leave her bill unpaid, so the next day, she called her, angry, telling her that she was getting calls from the restaurant asking her to pay for her share of the food. The Redditor felt no remorse. She said, “I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill.” But her sister reasoned that she usually paid for their dinners.

She added: “She then said she thought I’d just pay, but when I asked the waiter for separate checks, she realized I wasn’t and left for the bathroom, planning to ditch.” However, the woman explained that she had paid for dinners that added up to a maximum of $60, not a dinner for four people that cost $450. Besides that, she reminded her sister that she had asked if she was certain about the place because of how pricey it was. Not to mention that she never agreed to pay. Therefore, the woman advised her sister to make her way to the restaurant and pay for her bill before they called the police. Still, the sister refused and asked Redditor to pay because it would embarrass her. The woman was stern about not covering the food costs and insisted that her sister take care of it.

The issue escalated, and the family got involved. Eventually, the Redditor found herself being pressured to pay the bill. She still felt uncomfortable and angry about how her sibling handled the situation, so she asked other Reddit users if she would be wrong if she did not pay the bill and let the restaurant call the police on her. Commenter’s Reaction Many commenters agreed with how the Redditor handled the situation. People commended her for standing her ground and not paying for her sister and her boyfriend. Netizens said it was “scammy” of the sister to assume that she would cover their expensive meals.

Others added that the rule of thumb on eating out is that the bill is split amongst everyone unless someone has already volunteered to pay. Additionally, people said since the sister was the one who invited her out for dinner, the Redditor should have been the one assuming that her bill would be taken care of. Another angry commenter wondered how old the sister was and emphasized that they would expect such behavior from a 16-year-old. The netizen added that they would most likely take a long break from eating out with them again or even seeing them.

The woman revealed that she and her sister were both in their 30s. She said her sister had always commented about how much she earned. Even though the Redditor admitted to being more of a saver than a spender, she sometimes felt like a “piggy bank and not a sister.”

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