Woman Is Addicted After Spending $74K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie

We all need to have a hobby of some sort but some people take their hobby to an extreme. It seems as if that is how Tara Jayne McConachy lives her life, as the 31-year-old Instagram model and cosmetic nurse is admittedly addicted to plastic surgery.

Over the years, she has spent about $74,000 on various treatments, including breast augmentation. Tara spends a lot of time and money getting plastic surgery done, and she has traveled the world to find the best surgeons in order to do it.

According to some estimates, she has had her breasts done approximately five times and is going to have her eyes re-colored to a vibrant green. She also wants to have a more tapered waste so she will have some ribs removed.

At this point, she has an implant size of 1050cc. She also has had buttocks transplants, Botox, fillers, tip rhinoplasty, and veneers. She says that she is like a fine wine because she only gets better with age. She also says she gets better with surgery.

Tara is proclaiming herself to be Australia’s Limited Edition Barbie Doll. She says this on her Instagram which has more than 110,000 followers. She’s looking forward to having more surgeries.

She was even in Europe getting surgery when the pandemic started in 2020. She said: “I had no time to recover properly as Australia was urging residents that were overseas to immediately return home as the borders were closing.”

At this point, she has her own website and is posting pictures of herself to make money. She is doing so to pay for her procedures and claims it is going quite well.

She also said that she doesn’t have limits on how often she will have surgery and is looking forward to having more done. In her words: “I’m on a quest for a bigger chest. I just love attention so I thought getting plastic surgery and having bigger boobs – that’s going to be the wow factor, it’s going to be exactly what I need.”

Doctors have also said that she has a dangerously low body mass index and very little body fat. Some doctors have said no when she asked for fillers or Botox but she just finds another doctor. She said that she has five doctors so if one says no, she has four more to choose from.

Some doctors are advising her to put on extra weight before she has any more implants done. They are not sure how well she will deal with the anesthesia necessary during the surgery.

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