A Woman Kicked Her Sister Out of the House after Witnessing Her Antics

becoming particularly inappropriate when she was around the Original Poster. She openly exhibited flirtatious behavior towards OP’s husband without any attempt to conceal it. What added to OP’s discomfort was how her sister intentionally wore revealing attire, including lingerie, especially when the husband was at home.

Furthermore, she failed to make any contributions or help with household responsibilities. One day, OP returned home from work and was stunned by the scene in front of her. Recognizing that times had been challenging, OP clarified that she wasn’t seeking financial compensation from her sister. However, she expressed concern over her sister’s lack of contribution toward household tasks.

Her sister neglected responsibilities like doing the dishes and showed no initiative in pursuing job opportunities through interviews. All OP wanted was for her younger sibling to lend a hand and contribute meaningfully. A Mind-Boggling Discovery One day, OP returned home from work and was stunned by the scene in front of her. To her utter dismay, the OP’s sister pressured her husband to be intimate with her. OP was so enraged that she didn’t know what to say or think

n an update, OP shared that, despite only 30 minutes passing, she had a conversation with her husband. “[When] [my husband] saw me come home he ran to me and stood behind me while I told my sister to pack her stuff and get out,” recalled OP.

Her sister reacted angrily, arguing that as siblings, they shouldn’t be separated just because the husband wasn’t interested in OP. Despite receiving support from her family, the sister continued to confront OP through phone calls. After everything that happened, OP couldn’t help but seek advice from random strangers about how to handle the situation from her end. “Aita for kicking my sister out of my house because she tried to sleep with my husband?” she wondered. In an update 30 minutes later, the OP shared that she had a conversation with her husband, during which he told her that her sister had been engaging in sexually assaulting behavior toward him.

Overwhelmed with guilt for not recognizing the situation earlier, OP admitted, “I feel so bad for not seeing this and now [I] am the one to spam my sister.” She also disclosed the situation to her family, who expressed shock at her sister’s behavior. Acknowledging that it wasn’t a positive update, OP appreciated the support received so far and promised to share more details later.

Comments from Readers OP’s story garnered an impressive response online, with a large majority siding with her and deeming her “NTA.” Many swiftly condemned OP’s sister for her disgraceful and highly inappropriate conduct, affirming that OP made the right decision by evicting her. Certain commenters offered cautionary advice, recommending measures such as changing locks and severing all ties with her sister to protect against potential future incidents. Some suggested that OP should not entertain any apologies from her sister, emphasizing that she would be better off without such a problematic sibling in her life.

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