Rod Stewart Suddenly Crashes A Couple’s Wedding, Then Moves Them To Tears With A Heartfelt Song

This time, the legendary Rod Stewart turned a Las Vegas wedding into an unforgettable event with his unexpected performance, one of his trademark acts of kindness. Liverpool’s own Andrew Aitchison and Sharon Cook faced heartbreak when their wedding plans in Vegas nearly unraveled due to the collapse of the travel firm Thomas Cook.

However, fortune smiled on them as Delta Airlines and Caesars Palace intervened, ensuring the wedding party could still fly to Las Vegas. But the real magic occurred when Rod Stewart, the rock icon himself, appeared out of nowhere to serenade the couple with “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” right after their vows. It’s something the couple clearly didn’t expect, and we can see how they were brimming with joy as they hear Stewart conclude his iconic tune, wishing them well on their long journey up ahead.

Rod Stewart’s impromptu performance was more than just a normal wedding crash, it’s a magical moment that turn what could have been a wedding mishap into a moment of sheer bliss. Grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they praised Stewart for his genuine warmth and the joy he brought to their special day.

This heartwarming tale has transformed a couple’s potential wedding disaster into a day filled with joy and a story they’ll tell for years to come. A toast to Andrew and Sharon for a future filled with love, and kudos to the kind-hearted efforts of Caesars Palace, Delta Airlines, and of course, the ever wholesome Rod Stewart for making their dream wedding come true.

Rod Stewart, who’s trademarked for his exceptional tenor voice, is also known for multiple surprise impromptu performances in different venues, including weddings, ceremonies, or sometimes just joining a random buskers on the street. Here’s another example of Stewart’s surprise performance that made everyone’s day.

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