The Music Started And A 5-Year-Old Easily Controlled The Stunned Audience

We all are born with a certain talent, although most of us don’t realize it is a talent to be shared. I’m talking about the ability to dance.

Even before we can walk around the room with confidence, we start moving to the music. It’s amazing to watch, and something that many parents find adorable about their young child.

Of course, there are some people who dance like nobody’s watching and others who dance so beautifully they must share it with the world. That was the case with Roxy Brennan, a young girl who certainly has a lot to offer.





Roxy is someone who started dancing and her parents recognized she had a special talent. They allowed her to focus her energy and put a lot of effort into ensuring that she could follow that dream.

Her mother even has an Instagram account for the young girl, and she will regularly upload pictures of the girl dancing. Ever since she was a toddler, she showed the ability to dance.

Roxy is no longer a toddler and now she is in fourth grade. It’s amazing to think that she was three years old or perhaps even younger when she was dancing better than most people would at any time in their life.

As you watch the video, you can’t help but notice that she continues to get better and better, even though she started out with an amazing amount of talent.

There is one dance in particular, however, that is absolutely off the charts. She was five years old when she did a dance to the song, Maniac.

You may never have seen this performance before, but it really is one that is well worth watching.

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