When Diana Ross And Michael Jackson Shared The Stage For “Upside Down”

During a live concert in 1981, Diana Ross was performing her hit song “Upside Down” when she spotted Michael Jackson, her fellow artist from the same record label, among the crowd. In a spontaneous moment, she invited him on stage to join her for a dance.

Excitedly, Michael jumped up on stage and showcased his iconic dance moves before grabbing the microphone and lending his own vocals to Diana’s timeless hit. The electrifying performance became an instant sensation, capturing the hearts of millions of fans online who were enchanted by this incredible musical moment.

When the lead singer of Queen, one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, joined forces with the King of Pop himself, it resulted in an extraordinary collaboration that will forever be remembered as a milestone in music history.

Due to its release for over decades, Due to its release for more than a decade, the video possesses relatively low image quality. However, this does not affect the audio. Viewers can still fully enjoy the incredible vocals of two music legends.

The video was shared widely on social media and received plenty of positive comments from fans and non fans.

While one wrote, “The absolute second he starts to sing, the entire energy of the song changes. Only MJ could do that. So glad I got to see him live in London 1985,” another added, “The fact that Diana just immediately went in the back and was getting down is EVERYTHING!. No jealousy or ego tripping. Just pure love and joy.”

On the other hand, many others felt upset when they rocked just for a very short time. But after all, the moment was priceless and we always remember how they hugged tightly on stage, showcasing their close friendship.

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