Wealthy Man Rejected His Poor Long Lost Daughter, Got Punished by Karma Days Later – Story of the Day

Wealthy entrepreneur Alexander willfully dismisses his biological daughter Clara’s attempts to strike up a relationship with him. He changes his tune when she saves the life of a potential investor in his business and, in so doing, exposes his true, deplorable character in public.Clara stood before the towering, ornate door of the sprawling mansion, her heart pounding like a drum.

She raised her hand, hesitating for a moment before letting it fall against the wood with a series of firm knocks. A man, about forty, opened the door. “Yes?” he asked, sounding unwelcoming. “Alexander? I’m Clara,” Clara replied nervously. “Your daughter.” Alexander looked at her with disbelief. “My daughter? I don’t have a daughter.” “My mom told me you’re my dad. She’s gone now, and I… wanted to meet you.” “And you just believed her? Came here expecting what? Open arms? A happy reunion?” “I just want some answers. Don’t you want to know about my mom?”

Alexander laughed mockingly. “People don’t just show up and become family!” At that point, Clara showed him an old photo of her mom, and Alexander’s tough look softened for a moment. “Linda,” he said quietly. “Yes, Linda, my mom. Do you remember her? Clara asked. Alexander’s tone turned harsh again. “Remember her? Yes, of course. But let’s not romanticize the past. Your mother was a hippie layabout, a mistake, a regrettable chapter in my life.” Clara felt a pang of hurt, not just for herself but for the memory of her mother. “A mistake?

Is that all she was to you? And what does that make me?” “Yes, she was a mistake,” Alexander said coldly. “You’re just a consequence of a mistake and hence another mistake. There’s nothing for you here.” “Can’t we just talk, get to know each other?” she asked hopefully. “No chance. I don’t want another daughter. It’s best you leave,” Alexander said firmly. Clara knew she was helpless at this point. This man would never accept her. Disheartened, she turned to leave, when a soft voice called out from behind. A young woman, perhaps in her late twenties, stood at the threshold of an adjacent room, having caught the tail end of their conversation. “Dad, who was that?” “Nobody, just a mistake,” Alexander replied coldly. Clara walked away, feeling rejected, the word “mistake” echoing in her ears. So, he has a daughter, but he lied. A few weeks later, she took a job at a fancy restaurant, not expecting to ever meet her father. She had no clue he often dined there. The restaurant was famous for its elite guests, Alexander being one of them. One night, Alexander visited the restaurant and chose a table with a good view. Clara felt both excited and nervous to see him. Another waiter served him, treating him like any other rich guest. She watched him while pretending to work and noticed he seemed busy and worried. Then, she overheard him talking on the phone about business troubles and possibly illegal activities. Clara was shocked and sad, realizing her father was involved in shady dealings. Suddenly, Alexander noticed her staring. “What are YOU doing here?” he asked angrily, approaching her. “Are you stalking me now, hoping to latch onto our so-called relationship for your benefit?” Clara was taken aback. “What? No! I work here. Part-time. To support myself through school.” Alexander scoffed. “Work here? I think that’s a convenient excuse to be near me. You know I’m a regular here, don’t you? You think because you have some claim to being my daughter, you can take advantage of me?” “What? Take advantage of you?” she retorted. “I want nothing from you! I didn’t even know you frequented this restaurant. I’ve managed just fine on my own, and I’ll continue to do so.” Alexander glared at her. “Are you also going to deny you weren’t eavesdropping on my conversation and prying into my affairs? Listen, girl! Stay away from me. Got it?” “I wasn’t spying. I just—” Before she could finish, Alexander cut her off. “You just what? Thought you’d find some dirt on me? You’re nothing, understand? Just a lowly waitress. It’s laughable to think you could be of any relation to me.” His words stung Clara deeply. But Alexander didn’t care. He went on to ridicule not just her background but also her hard work. “Understood? You have no ambition. No drive. You are not of my DNA!” Clara had had enough. Yes, she wasn’t as rich and famous as him, but that didn’t give him the right to insult her like that. “Ambition isn’t about money or titles, SIR!” she retorted confidently. “It’s about fighting for what you believe in, no matter your job!” Alexander laughed at her. “What do you know about ambition, serving tables?” “I’m studying for a degree while working here. That’s my ambition,” Clara stated firmly. “And you think that makes you equal to me?” Alexander mocked. “It’s not about equality. It’s about striving to improve. That’s more valuable than any title,” Clara responded. Alexander dismissed her. “You’ll always be just a waitress to me.” “Maybe in your eyes, but not in mine!” she said, looking into his eyes. “I know my worth, and I don’t need your acknowledgment to validate it. And whether or not I’m ‘of your DNA’ doesn’t change the fact that I will achieve my ambitions, with or without your approval.” With that, she turned and left to continue her work. Alexander marched to his table, rolling his eyes. Soon, Patterson, his potential investor, arrived. Clara watched as they discussed business over dinner. “Business thriving, Alexander?” Patterson asked. Thriving is a strong word in these times, but we’re certainly pushing the boundaries, looking to expand. Hence, our meeting tonight,” Alexander replied. Patterson chuckled. “Always pushing the envelope, aren’t you? Well, that’s what I admire about you, Alexander. Your ambition knows no bounds.” Alexander knew this was the right moment. “Well, thank you for meeting me,” he said before pitching his business idea. “Our platform is on the brink of reshaping the cryptocurrency market, offering unprecedented returns for those bold enough to be at the forefront.” “Alexander, the concept is intriguing, but I’m more interested in the substance behind it. The crypto market is notoriously volatile. How does your platform mitigate these inherent risks?” Patterson probed. Clara listened anxiously as they talked. The discussion seemed intense, and she wondered if her father would get this investment. Not like she cared. Maybe she did. A bit. He was her father, after all. Suddenly, her thoughts were cut off. Patterson choked on his steak. Clara dropped the cloth she was using to clean a cup and rushed over to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Thanks to her quick action, Patterson was fine. The restaurant erupted into a mixture of applause and relieved murmurs as Clara stepped back, ensuring the older man was all right before she allowed herself a moment to breathe. “How did you—where did you learn to do that?” Alexander asked, pulling her aside. “I’m a second-year medical student. We’re trained for emergencies like this,” she said. Patterson, catching his breath, thanked her. “You saved my life!” he said from a distance. “Thank you, young lady.” Clara offered him a modest smile. “It’s what anyone would have done,” she replied. “Please take care.” “Well, she’s my daughter, a medical student!” Alexander told Patterson. He then turned to Clara. “Clara, what you did was remarkable. I didn’t know you were studying medicine,” he said, trying to be friendly. Clara replied cautiously, “Well, er, thanks. I’m passionate about it.” “You know, you’re really my daughter. I want to support you. And your endorsement could help with Patterson,” he explained. Clara couldn’t believe it. This man had no shame. He now wanted to use her to secure the investment. “Are you using my education to benefit yourself?” she asked him. “You can’t be serious!” “See, it’s about taking opportunities,” he said. “You help me, and I help you with your student loans.” Clara stood her ground. “Well, I won’t compromise my values for your schemes. I’ll figure things out on my own,” she declared, rejecting his offer, and left to call the ambulance. Angered by her refusal, Alexander lashed out publicly, “You’re a fool if you think you can make it on your own! You’re nothing without my help, just a naive girl playing at being a doctor!” Little did he realize Patterson was watching the exchange from his chair. He realized Alexander was not the right man to work with — both personally and professionally. So Patterson decided against investing in Alexander’s business, but he admired Clara’s integrity and offered to support her education. And Clara was beyond grateful. “Thank you, sir. I—I don’t know what to say,” she chirped, tears welling up in her eyes. Patterson smiled warmly. “Just say you’ll continue to pursue your dreams with the same determination you’ve shown tonight. One day, as a doctor, you’ll go on to save many more lives, as you did mine tonight.” As Patterson and Clara exchanged a few more words, Alexander looked on, angry and defeated. But nothing would change. Little did Alexander know this was just the beginning of his downfall. His mistreatment of Clara and the lost investment from Patterson started a chain reaction, and he faced his karma. The business community quickly learned of his actions, which tarnished his reputation. Journalists investigating his cryptocurrency platform uncovered it was a scam designed to profit him at the expense of many. The evidence led to legal action, and his assets were frozen as he faced prosecution. The community that had once revered Alexander as a visionary entrepreneur now looked upon him with disdain. Clara felt sad about her father’s legal troubles. There was no joy in seeing him suffer, only a deep sense of sadness for the man he had become and the lives he had impacted. She couldn’t help but wonder how things might have been different if Alexander had chosen a path guided by integrity rather than greed. This experience was a lesson for her, too. IT solidified her commitment to living a life defined by the values of honesty, compassion, and integrity. In a way, she wasn’t Alexander’s DNA, as he kept saying. She was not greedy, disrespectful, or corrupt like him. Tell us what you think about this story, and share it with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

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