Baby girl placed in a plastic bag and abandoned in the woods found alive – Thousands want to adopt her

This baby’s survival was a real miracle and “an act of God.”

Three teenage girls were hiking in the woods near their Forsyth County home when they heard strange noises. They weren’t really sure what animal could be making those unusual sounds that resembled baby’s crying.

In the next moment, they looked at each other as though they wondered whether there was a chance for a baby to be there in the middle of the woods. No matter how strange that sounded, they still decided to call their dad for help. And that was the best decision they could ever make.

The little girl was just a few hours old and if it wasn’t for Alan and his girls, she wouldn’t have made it.

Speaking of that faithful day, Kayla, one of Alan’s daughters said, “(We) grabbed our flashlights and we’re driving around and we’re, like, ‘That doesn’t sound like an animal.’”

When they told Alan how they suspected they heard cries of a baby, he recalls answering, “That’s got to be impossible. It’s a baby raccoon, deer or something.”

But his daughters were right, and thank God they acted quickly and helped save the tiny baby’s life.
“We went down, pulled it up. There was a poor little baby wrapped in a plastic bag, and we called 911,” Alan added. “She was alive. She was crying, so we figured that was a good sign. Could have been worse. The credit goes to my girls. They were the ones sticking with it.”

Authorities were alerted and the baby was taken at a safe place were she was given the appropriate help and care.

It is, without doubt, divine intervention that this child was found. If it wasn’t for these citizens, we would be having a different conversation,” said Sheriff Ron Freeman and thanked the Ragatz family for what they did.

The survival of the baby whom they named India was a real miracle and “an act of God” as despite the way she was dumped by her mom, she didn’t suffer any injuries.
Cute India’s story spread around and many were interested in adopting her. In fact, more than a thousand people were willing to offer her the home her biological parents didn’t give her. Tom Rawlings, director of the state Division of Family and Children Services says, “We’ve had, literally, thousands of people across the country and other parts of North America come forward wanting to adopt Baby India.”




The little girl was just a few hours old and if it wasn’t for Alan and his girls, she wouldn’t have made it.

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