61-Year-Old Tom Cruise Has A New Girlfriend And You Might Know Her

It’s hard to imagine that Tom Cruise has been divorced from Katie Holmes for 15 years. Despite the fact that he and his ex-wife didn’t see eye to eye, he continued to remain a very busy presence in Hollywood, making blockbuster films one after the other.

One thing about Tom Cruise is the fact that he has dated women over the years after his divorce. Perhaps that is why we were surprised to see that he is dating again, and it is something that many people welcome.

Tom Cruise is facing speculation that he is involved romantically with Elaina Khayrova, the daughter of a Russian MP. She was married before but now, the 36-year-old is appearing with Tom Cruise.

At a recent event, somebody was watching and they said that they were clearly a couple and were inseparable. Apparently, they came to the event around 9 PM and many guests were excited that they were there.

According to the source, Cruise was ‘very friendly’ and even though many people asked about pictures, he would decline politely. Eventually, the DJ did announce in Russian that he didn’t want any photos.

He spent the night dancing with his date but at another point, he was throwing himself around in the middle of a group of women.

Khayrova is a former model with British citizenship who divorced her ex-husband earlier this year. Cruise has been married three times, most famously to Katie Holmes between 2006 and 2012.

Would you have recognized her?

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