King Charles Says He Is ‘So Proud’ Of Kate Middleton

King Charles expressed his pride and support for Princess Kate after she revealed her cancer diagnosis, commending her courage in speaking out. Buckingham Palace stated that the monarch, amidst his own battle with cancer, has maintained close contact with Kate, his “beloved daughter-in-law,” following their time together in the hospital. Both King Charles and Queen Elizabeth II pledged to offer love and support to the entire family during this challenging period.

The announcement of Kate’s cancer diagnosis comes as another blow to the royal family, following Charles’ own recent diagnosis and Sarah, Duchess of York’s disclosure of malignant melanoma earlier in the year. Kate underwent major abdominal surgery in January, initially believed to be non-cancerous, but subsequent tests revealed the presence of cancer. She has since begun a course of chemotherapy and is focusing on her recovery. The family has appealed for privacy as they navigate this difficult time, particularly for the sake of their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Despite the ordeal, Kate remains grateful for the outpouring of support and emphasizes the importance of maintaining hope for those affected by cancer.

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