Customers at Five Guys express outrage over the ‘sky-high’ prices of their meals after discovering the cost of a single order

Social media is ablaze with complaints about the steep cost of a solitary meal at Five Guys.

The chain has established itseIf as one of the pricier options for indulging in a burger while out and about.

While Five Guys positions itself as a premium establishment, starting with a higher price point, customers are growing increasingIy irked by the escalating price tags.

Recently, one customer took to social media to showcase a receipt totaling $24.10 for just one person, featuring a bacon cheeseburger for $12.49, a regular soda for $2.89, and a portion of fries for $5.19.

Despite the incorporation of extra toppings and the use of fresh ingredients, discontent regarding the cost persists.

While some defend the prices, citing the quaIity of ingredients, others express dismay, noting that fast food has become a luxury.

However, as prices surge across the fast food industry, Five Guys remains steadfast in its premium positioning, despite drawing criticism for its soaring prices.

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