People Are Fuming After Woman Refuses To Give Up Her First-Class Seat To A Child

If there is one thing that people love doing, it is debating. People will debate over almost anything and even if they don’t get anyone to take their side, they will still argue their points until they are blue in the face.

One of the things that really seems to get people talking is when somebody posts a viral video online about flying. We may love flying because of the convenience, but there are also problems that sometimes occur and this TikTok video outlines one of the problems.

When the social media enthusiast posted a video on TikTok, it started a heated argument among the commenters. Almost 2 million people liked the video and there was even a little bit of humor included, as it was put in the caption.

The video description said: “That’s a no from me. Would you have given up your seat? Also, they ended up finding a solution, so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also, the child was like 13.”

A flight attendant had approached the woman saying that she should give up her 1A seat so a child could sit with her family. She also offered clarification, saying: “The gate agent asked me, I asked to see the seat map, I didn’t like the alternative. They were kind and found a solution right away. The family never addressed me. I think it was even the airline’s rule, not them asking to sit together.”

After posting the video, the comments section blew up with people taking both sides of the issue. Some supported her in her decision, others said that it would’ve been a kindness on her part to help the family.

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