These Popular Retailers Are Facing Closure: Here’s the Full Breakdown

Target, wrestling with heightening burglary and “coordinated retail wrongdoing,” is set to close nine outlets across four states. In spite of “adding greater security colleagues, utilizing outsider watchman benefits, and carrying out robbery hindrance apparatuses,” the difficulties with wrongdoing endured. The following are the impacted business sectors alongside the excess stores and work information:

New York City:
Harlem: 517 E 117th St. (96 excess stores, more than 20,000 colleagues)
College Way: 4535 College Way NE
Ballard: 1448 NW Market St., Ste. 100 (22 excess stores, almost 4,000 colleagues)

San Francisco/Oakland:
SF Folsom: 1690 Folsom St.
Oakland Broadway: 2650 Broadway

Pittsburg: 4301 Century Blvd. (32 excess stores, north of 6,400 colleagues)
Galleria: 939 SW Morrison St.

Powell: 3031 SE Powell Blvd.
Hollywood: 4030 NE Halsey St. (15 excess stores, in excess of 2,500 colleagues)

More than 150 stores stay functional in these areas. Target is supporting security through locking cases for specific product and aligning with the U.S. Branch of Country Security’s Country Security Examinations division. “While we will keep on making significant ventures all through our business, we can’t address this issue all alone,” the firm noted.

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