Grandpa Knows How To Handle Scam Calls So They Never Call Again

Something that all of us have to put up with in life is telemarketing phone calls. They tend to come at the most inconvenient time of day and even if it is a legitimate sales call, we still need to be concerned that it is a scam.

These calls come in automatically in many cases and they often end up going to voicemail. We may even have to dial voicemail to delete the message that they left.

There are other times that we take a chance and answer a phone call when we don’t recognize the number. We might end up talking to a telemarketer, and that can be an uncomfortable situation.

Let’s face it, times are tough and telemarketers are only trying to do their job. Of course, I’m talking about legitimate telemarketers and not those who are trying to scam us.

There are some people who handle this in different ways, with some being rude and others just showing a little bit of style.

That is the case with Donald Sizemore. When he gets a call from a telemarketer, he talks with them for a few minutes and before long, the telemarketer is hanging up on him!

This is a technique that works well for him but it may not be the easiest to do on your own. You might be wondering how he does it, and quite simply, he talks to them like Donald Duck.

You can watch a video below of him doing his Donald Duck impression and how well it works

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