Little Boy Stops Traffic To Save Crying Dog From Busy Road After It Is Hit By Car

While passersby chose to focus on their business ignoring an injured dog they saw in the road, this little boy decided to stop the traffic and hug it with all of his love and comfort. His action proves that you don’t need too much to become a superhero.The local newspaper Globo Rural in July reported a car accident that happened to a little pup in Brazil. 11-year-old Jean Fernandes was strolling down the street when he came across the poor dog. He just couldn’t stand and watch it suffer the pain.
Quickly, he rushed into the street, making his way through the traffic to the sobbing dog. He hugged the frightened canine who was left in the middle of the road and was confused about what to do.
The touching moment on the street was captured by Rafael Martins, a street photographer. He was inspired by the 11-year-old boy and posted the picture on Facebook. It soon became viral on the Internet with 24K likes and a thousand shares. Jane was praised for his loving action towards animals and pets.

Source: Rafael Martins

The dog was finally taken to safety, according to a local report. The boy was happy because he was able to help to save an animal. Jean’s mother, however, stated it came as no surprise to her because he has always been fond of animals. In addition, she shared that her child also loved helping animals in need.
Give big applause to Jean, and don’t forget to give him a share!

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