Michelle Yeoh addresses Emma Stone ‘snub’ at the Oscars stage

Emma Stone won the award for Best Actress at the 2024 Academy Awards, the highest accolade for a female actress in Hollywood. But while she went on stage to receive her award, it seems people noticed her ‘snub’ to last year’s winner for the same award, Michelle Yeoh.

Now, Yeoh has addressed what happened on the stage. Keep reading to know more.

After watching the Oscars the other night, a lot of people had an opinion on a ‘snub’ they thought they witnessed on television. As Emma Stone went on stage to accept the Academy Award for Best Actress, to some viewers it seemed she passed Michelle Yeoh without an acknowledgment. Yeoh who won the award last year was holding the Oscar statuette in her hands to hand it to this year’s winner.

It seemed to some that Stone took the award from Yeoh and immediately began to give it to Jennifer Lawrence, who was also on stage. While others thought Yeoh was giving Lawrence the Oscar in a snub to Stone, this year’s recipient.

However, Yeoh took to social media to clarify what actually happened. Yeoh said she simply wanted Lawrence to share the moment with her best friend Lawrence.

She wrote in a post on Instagram, “Congratulations Emma!! I confused you, but I wanted to share that glorious moment of handing over Oscar to you together with your best friend Jennifer!! She reminded me of my Bae Jamie Lee Curtis ♥️✨ always there for each other!! ????????????.” It was sweet of her to clarify the moment to Emma Stone as well as everyone watching.

To accompany the caption, she added pictures of the event. She put a photo of herself hugging Stone on stage, as well as one of the moments everyone was talking about: the handing over of the award. And a final picture featuring the Best Actress squad, including Jessica Lange, Charlize Theron, and Sally Field, after the award presentation.

Fans and followers expressed their relief at Yeoh clarifying the confusing moment.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes actress Rachel Zegler commented as well with a few emojis expressing her happy emotions.

“Thank you for the clarification! That was the nicest gesture by you to make Emma’s big moment even more special by including her best friend Jennifer Lawrence. Thank you, Michelle!!! You are such a wonderful human being and talented actress,” one fan wrote.

“Our world is not worthy of your presence! Passing the Oscar over so that she can share that moment with her friend, what an insight so many others would overlook,” another person shared.

For anyone who still might have doubted the explanation, there are plenty of videos of the two women embracing after the award show, taken from behind the scenes, that should quell anyone’s suspicion.

A lot of times, there can be confusing moments to witness on live televised events, but it is good to have clarification! Share this with others who might want to know about this confusion too!

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