Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror

Andrea and Paul Haynes appeared on *A Current Affair* to share the heartbreaking story of their daughter, Esra, who died at 13 from chroming, a lethal social media trend.

Esra, a vibrant athlete, suffered cardiac arrest after inhaling aerosol deodorant during a sleepover, leading to irreversible brain damage.

The Haynes family, devastated by Esra’s passing, advocates for awareness and education about chroming’s dangers.

Paul emphasizes the necessity of open dialogue between parents and children to prevent similar tragedies, lamenting their lack of prior knowledge about the trend.

Chroming, responsible for numerous deaths globally since 2009, poses grave health risks including seizures and organ failure.

Despite their grief, the Hayneses aim to spare others from similar pain by raising awareness and advocating for preventive measures.

Esra’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address harmful trends affecting youth and underscores the crucial role of parental guidance in protecting children’s well-being.

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