A farmer finds hundreds of strange eggs in his crops

Farmers rub their eyes. Did he see it? He saw only strange white orbs in his field. He verified stability a few days ago, and it was. The white things were hundreds of eggs.

Soon after, he heard a distinct sound…

Hans ran home to wake Bonny, Mary, and Giselle after hearing the news. What they saw left the girls speechless as they ran outside. Through tears, Bonny asked her husband, “Is this what I believe it is?”

No one lived in the field after the maize was harvested. Eggs, however, were everywhere. Hans prepared to demolish the nests with his tractor as hatching approached, but his daughters stopped him.

They blocked the tractor and refused to move. The children were confused by their father’s callous killing of a sentient creature. Hans’ solution to calm his kids left them in disbelief.

Hans, what did you suggest? Why did he cry when they hatched?

Many rituals govern farmers’ lives. They start work before dawn. Daily, they work long hours. It also pays off big. After finally being able to become a farmer, Hans knew he could do anything. That was his belief at the time.

Mother Bonny and father Hans raised Mary and Giselle. They raise animals and grow maize on their farm. Extraordinary events are rare in this simple life. Hans must have been incredulous when he opened his eyes this morning.

Hans got dressed normally. His wife usually sleeps in longer than he does. He made breakfast to eat with the family when they woke up. Hans was about to feed his animals after finishing his morning chores when a strange man appeared.

As he stood in the kitchen, Hans heard something odd outside. It was night, so he couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but had never heard anything like it. He felt odd. He became frightened while listening to the kitchen noise.

His wife Bonny did it. She quietly approached from behind and touched his back of the head. Because he was scared, Hans screamed loudly when he saw this. Despite Hans’s displeasure, they were happy. He was going to investigate the noise, but it stopped.

Suddenly, his two kids followed him downstairs and searched anxiously. “I lost mum. Can you tell she’s okay? She screamed!” his daughters said. Hans and his wife greeted warmly. Despite the apparent start of a normal day, they had no idea what was happening outside.

Hans took care of his animals outside after the family ate. With his meal, he went to the henhouse. His hens misbehaved unexpectedly. They ran around the coop like scared things. Nonetheless…

After that, Hans noticed another detail. Only one chicken remained in the coop. Where did he come from? He stopped to examine a feather clump on the floor after circling the enclosure. Oh no, he groaned. Definitely bad news…

He went to the pigs as usual. Their volume rose. Asking, “What the heck is going on?” Hans’ idea was private. The pigs settled after he fed them. Hans sensed that something was wrong. The answer to that question would soon be revealed.

He suddenly heard that strange noise again. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t find its source. It was close if he could hear it. He had never heard anything like it. The sound resembled an animal, but which one?

He entered the barn to prepare his tractor after feeding the livestock. He picked maize first on the first day of harvesting. He connected the device to his and unlocked the barn doors without knowing what was happening beneath his tractor.

Just before leaving, he heard a terrible scream. It was Mary. Stop, Dad!” Something is on the ground. The expression on her face suggested she saw a ghost. Hans immediately jumped down when Mary pointed to the tractor wheels.

A sick cat was in the tractor’s wheel path. Hans probably would have run over the poor animal if Mary hadn’t come outside. Strange blood marked the kitten’s ears. In addition to malnutrition. Hans immediately accepted Mary’s offer to care for the animal.

Hans usually had a quiet day, but today everything seemed to pile up and he lost track of time. This was his first sighting of animal markings. Barn cats are social, so one of them probably did it.

Giselle, his second daughter, ran through the front door before he could process. She shouted, ‘Dad, look at the cornfield. Giselle, I was ready to go. Han sighed and waited. He was in for a big surprise.

Hans got back in his tractor and went to the farm. Getting there was easy since it was across from his house. He saw a few white spots from afar but didn’t notice them until he got closer. This is unknown, but what was it?

Giselle ran to him as he exited the tractor. She joined him and they silently surveyed the field. Boy: “What is this, Dad?” Giselle inquired. Hans wanted to answer her, but he was as confused as she was. No wonder he’s cornless.

Mary and Bonny ran to the field and gasped when they saw it. “Eggs?” Unbelievable, Bonny said. Unbelievable. Both looked at their spouse in disbelief. He heard the eerie sound again as he prepared to respond.

Hans has heard the same noise all morning. All this time, it was field-harvested. He kneeled and put his chin on an egg. Then he jumped up, scared. What’s inside? Mary and Giselle looked down at the eggs while listening intently.

The eggs appeared ready to hatch. Hans wanted them gone, so he drove his tractor at them until his daughters stopped him. They blocked the tractor and refused to move. Hans surprised his daughters by offering something to calm them.

Ladies, we can’t save the crops, but maybe we can save the eggs?Hans noted. Girls’ faces brightened as they jumped with joy. However, they had to find a way to keep many eggs warm.

About twenty eggs were scattered in the grass. Hans feared something bad would happen if they moved the eggs. How he’d transport those eggs without breaking them is unknown. These items appeared fragile.

A heavy black tarp would protect the eggs, he suggested. Under the tarp, they can stay dry in the rain and warm in the sun. The girls loved the idea and ran to the barn for a tarp.

Bonny didn’t share the girls’ enthusiasm. She worriedly looked around at the eggs and wondered where they came from. Perhaps these are snake eggs. Bonny didn’t want to hurt animals, especially defenseless ones.

Hans embraced his anxious wife. You can relax, honey. They resemble chicken eggs. Fear not—everything will be fine. He tried to reassure Bonny, but he only made her worries worse.

Soon after, their girls returned with a large black tarp. They pebble-tied the egg cover together. Then Hans said, “So.” Return to work! Hans has told his daughters to be careful because he doesn’t want any eggs broken.

However, his children bonded strongly with the eggs. They stayed with Hans throughout the day. After offering dessert, Hans got his daughters inside.

A strange sound woke Hans one morning. Today was different from yesterday. More giggling ensued. Hans realized what it was in a second and jumped up. A field caught his eye, so he ran to the window. You must be kidding.

Indeed, his suspicions were correct. They got up and went to the eggs before him. “What the heck time is it?!” Hans woke his sleeping wife with a loud statement. “What’s going on, hun?” she asked before hearing giggling.

Bonny jumped up and ran downstairs. She ran out in her robe and boots. These eggs were clearly bad. Hans heard Bonny say, “This is not how we raised our daughters.” Bonny fervently prayed for egg safety. Perhaps these women were acting carelessly…

Mary and Giselle’s smiles vanished when their angry mother appeared. The sky was still dark, but the eggs showed they’d erred. They took care of them as babies. These eggs had a peculiar quality…

Bonny’s shock at her daughters’ actions quickly turned to admiration. Giselle and Mary made tiny egg nests with barn hay and straw. It’s unlikely Bonny’s daughters would do this.

Bonny stopped shouting and praised her girls for being great egg guards because this warmed her heart. Hans smiled at his wife and say, “They’ll make great farmers someday.” Hans was pleased with his daughters, but the joy was short-lived when they heard a loud snap.

Suddenly, a loud snap. The girls stood up in surprise, sure they had broken one. Since they had carefully handled the eggs, everyone expected something to hatch.

Giselle noticed a large shell break in one egg while inspecting them. While showing Mary, she yelled with joy. Mary, don’t forget—the time is coming. Mary exhibited an unexpected response…

Mary surprised everyone with her response. Instead of being happy, she became upset and cried. Her eggs might crack, she worried. Her mother tried to explain everything, but she was too young.

Bonny tried to clarify but failed. Instead, she brought Mary inside to help the sick kitten. It was good the cat was hungry, but Hans had no idea what was in those eggs.

The eggs were found two days prior. The tarp shielded the eggs from predators and weather. When more egg shells broke, hatching was imminent.

It’s finally here after four days. Hans checked the eggs and saw one had hatched. While frantically searching, the baby was nowhere to be found. After gathering the ladies, they waited for the other eggs to hatch.

After what seemed like an eternity, the girls were relieved to see two more eggs hatch. Broken, they moved. Little animal emerged slowly but surely. They had never witnessed anything like this before.

What Hans saw shocked him. He was surprised these creatures hatched from eggs. He could no longer contain his emotions and called for his wife. It was impossible to stop his tears.

He broke down and cried when his wife came home. When she questioned his demeanor, he pointed to animals. Bonny immediately understood and consoled her husband. But seeing what came from those eggs made her emotional.

The animals included young peacocks. Hans loved peacocks as a child. He owned a peacock because he was rich. His interest in peacocks has faded since its death. It was amazing, but there’s more.

Hans pleaded with Bonny to keep the animals because he hated giving them up. The property wasn’t big enough for twenty peacocks. Hans knew this was the only option.

Bonny and Hans donated eighteen peacocks to a sanctuary, leaving only two. The girls enjoyed caring for the peacock and knew they would have freedom there.

This story is completely fictitious. Images are for illustration only. Any resemblance to real-life events, places, or people is unintentional.

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