Joke Of The Day: A German Shepherd, Doberman And A Cat Go To Heaven

A German Shepherd, Doberman and a Cat die and go to Heaven.

All three are greeted at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter, who informs them they have to meet with God. So off they trudge.

A few minutes later they enter the palace where God is sitting, and he beckons them near.

God says, “I want to know what you believe in, and how pure and true your heart and soul are”.

The German Shepherd answer first, “I believe in discipline, training and loyalty to my master.”

“Good,” says God, “then sit down on my right side.”

“Doberman, what do you believe in?” asks God.

The Doberman answers, “I believe in the love, care and protection of my master.”

“Excellent”, says God, “you may sit at my left side.”

Then he looks at the Cat, and asks, “And what do you believe in, Cat?”

The Cat rolls it eyes and responds,

“I believe you’re sitting in my seat”.

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