My Ex-fiancée, Who Left Me during Illness, Calls My New Beloved Wife on My Wedding Night


Since our families couldn’t join us, we planned a celebration for them back home when we returned. But then, on our first night together as a married couple, Kaylee got this serious look and told me I needed to take a call. It was Lisa, my ex-fiancée, on the other end of the line.I was confused. Why was she calling Kaylee?“Hello?” I said.”James, I want to be back with you, or I’ll ruin your life,” Lisa threatened. “Remember, I know people who could easily damage your reputation and hurt your business.”I started recording the call. “How did you get my wife’s number?” I asked. “And how dare you threaten me? It was your decision to leave me!”I heard her laugh on the call. “Do you really think she’s just your wife? She’s my sister!”

“Your what?” I asked, shocked.“Yeah, she’s my sister. We planned this whole thing. After you got sick, I couldn’t handle it, but I regretted leaving every day. I wanted to make things right. So, we cooked up this plan for her to win you over, make you happy, and eventually reunite us. I never imagined she’d actually marry you. If you’d been this wealthy back then, with someone to care for you, I wouldn’t have left.”I couldn’t believe my ears. My whole relationship was a setup? Kaylee was faking it all? But then, I remembered all the moments Kaylee and I shared, the laughs, the kisses. It all felt too real.”Look,” I told Lisa, trying to keep my cool, “this is messed up. You can’t just play with people’s lives like that! And I’m married now. I love Kaylee.””I don’t care. I want to get back with you, James,” she said boldly. “And I always get what I want.”I felt my anger rising. “This time, you won’t, Lisa. I’m not your castaway toy. So, goodbye!” I said and hung up.Then, I faced Kaylee. “Was she telling the truth?” I asked.Kaylee nodded slowly, and my heart sank.”Why did you marry me, then?” I asked.She reached out and held my hand. “I went along with the plan initially, but I promise, every moment with you, every laugh, every kiss, it was real for me, James. I genuinely fell for you and I forgot the plan entirely. I’ve wanted to tell you everything, but I was terrified of losing you. When Lisa found out about your recent success, she began blackmailing me, asking me to leave you. I’m so sorry I kept you in the dark, James. I really love you.”At that point, I felt several emotions at once — betrayal, love, anger — all mixed up. But one thing was clear, my feelings for Kaylee were genuine, and so were hers for me. I could see the truth in her eyes, and in my heart, I knew I would forgive her.After a long, emotional talk, we decided to start over. No lies, no schemes this time. Just us figuring out this crazy, unconventional love story.As for Lisa? She’s just a distant memory now, a reminder that sometimes, the most twisted paths lead to the best places. With the recording of our phone call in my hands, she no longer has the power to threaten us. Kaylee and I are also looking forward to going back home soon to celebrate with our family and friends. Of course, Lisa won’t be on the guest list.What would you have done in my situation?Here’s another story for you: Kate arrives home early from her trip and is surprised to see Ella, the nanny, leaving her house on a day she wasn’t supposed to work. When questioned, Ella and Kate’s husband, Dan, offered shaky explanations that didn’t add up. What was the real story behind the unexpected visit?

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