The former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, married to him for a 25 years, has changed drastically and no one recognizes her…

Before entering a relationship with “The Terminator,” Maria Shriver had several opportunities to achieve fame. There is still ongoing debate about which of the two was closer to stardom.Maria possesses bright, cheerful eyes, evident in her photographs that reflect her esteemed familial background. Her lineage endowed her with both stature and beauty.

Maria was born in 1955, hailing from the Kennedy family and being the 35th niece of a former US president. Early on, her parents emphasized her education and upbringing, suggesting she follow the path of politics typical of her renowned dynasty.However, Shriver chose to pursue journalism as her career, excelling in the field. It was during this time that she crossed paths with Arnold.

Although their relationship as a young couple lasted only nine years, their affection endured. The reasons behind Maria’s decision not to personally engage with the young actor remain unknown, leaving speculation as to whether familial influence played a role. Nevertheless, the pair tied the knot in 1986.By that time, Schwarzenegger had already gained fame, boasting intriguing roles and improved financial standing. Meanwhile, Maria ascended through the ranks at NBC, ultimately becoming a reporter. Together, they built a family with two daughters and two sons.

Maria proved to be an exemplary spouse, even earning the honorary title of First Lady of California when Arnold was re-elected as Governor of California in 2003. Her inadvertent influence on his political career stemmed from her exceptional public speaking skills

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