The last years of Jim Nabors’ life were spent in a $12 million Hawaii home with an 18-years-younger husband who he hid from the public for 38 years… Find out more below…

The late Jim Nabors was a well-liked television actor who, for most of his life, had a double existence. People knew him as the down-home Gomer Pyle, but few were aware that he was a homosexual guy who had been with the same partner for decades. For decades, actor Jim Nabors played the iconic role of Gomer Pyle on “The Andy Griffith Show,” which won the affection of millions of people across the world who watched the show.

Andy Griffith, who is a television producer, was the one who first brought him on as a guest star in the role. Nabors had quite an effect on the people who lived in Mayberry, and eventually, his demeanor won over millions of viewers as well; thus, he was soon cast as a regular in the long-running television series. Nabors’s childhood struggle with asthma—the condition that inspired him to pursue a career in voice acting—served as the inspiration for his cheery on-screen persona. As an adult, Nabors had a baritone voice that charmed listeners, and he was also known for his spectacular performances on television variety shows and his humorous acts. Additionally, despite the fact that the native of Alabama was leading a highly successful public life, he concealed a big aspect of his identity that had to do with his romantic relationships.

The singer admitted in January 2013 that he had been in a relationship with a younger guy called Stan Cadwallader for the previous three decades. Stan Cadwallader was 18 years younger than the singer. According to Nabors, the reason he never brought up that aspect of his life was that it was a private matter:

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