The 3 holes funny story

A guy’s car breaks down in the middle of town, and he looks for a hotel to stay in while he waits for his car to be fixed. He finds a very small hotel and walks in. He asks the man at the counter, “Do you have any rooms available?”The man at the counter says, “Yeah, but don’t stick your d* in the 3 holes.” “OK.” The guy agrees and walks to his room. A couple of days go by and his car is still in the shop.

He gets curious and sticks his d*** in the first hole. He says,” Ahh, that feels good!” Then he sticks his d*** in the second hole,” Ahh,that feels even better!” Then he sticks his d* in the third hole, “OUCH! !My d***! !”He quickly pulled his d* out and it was all bloody. He was very confused, but he went to sleep. The next day he went to the counter to see what was in the holes, but before he could ask anything the man at the counter said,“You stuck your d ** in the three holes didn’t you?” He said, “Yeah, how did you know? “The man at the counter said, “Well, my wife is pregnant, my daughter is pregnant, and my pencil sharpener is broken.

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