Gisele Bundchen Rages Over Tom Brady Roast Divorce Jokes

Recently, Netflix hosted a celebrity roast that is unprecedented in the amount of attention it is getting. It all revolved around Tom Brady, and was referred to as “The Greatest Roast of All Time.”

The celebrities who roasted Tom Brady certainly did make an impression and some of the highlights from the roast were not safe for work. Nothing was beyond reach, and this included many jokes that surrounded his divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

After hearing of some of those jokes, the model was not very happy. She was in Brazil at the time and was reportedly deeply disappointed by the references to a very private part of her personal life.

It wasn’t just the impact that it would have on her personally, she was also concerned about how the humorous portrayal of her family life would impact the children as well.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of sensitivity associated with celebrity divorce, especially when children are involved. There are going to be jokes that are told, but sometimes boundaries are crossed and people’s feelings can get hurt.

It seems as if the children were off the table and nobody was able to tell jokes about them. At the same time, however, his former wife is concerned that the children will be negatively impacted by the jokes, even if they don’t appear to be about the children directly.

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