Things Men Will Always Notice About Women

Since ages, people have had a lot of ideas as to what could men possibly notice in a woman that would make them fall in love with them. Is it the sway of her hips, or the pouty lips, or the flick of her hair? They had a lot of idea on this, but the truth is that men notice a lot about a woman, which solely focuses on the physical, at a glance. Women notice stuff like smell and shoes, but men are more primal, more humane, more…carnal.

Here are things that men will always notice in a woman: Eyes

1. Eyes

Eyes are the portal to the soul. When men notice the eyes of a woman, they want to go deep into her soul and judge the woman beneath all the clothes and flesh. They want to understand the woman so that loving her becomes easy.Lips

2. Lips

Lips have enamored men since ages. The luscious tilt of the lips makes men go crazy. The curve, the pout, the color, and the size, men notice them, because they want to kiss them. But remember, if this is what a man notices the first thing about you, he is only in it for the sex. He has no intention of loving you. Hair

3. Hair

Men have always been very partial about hair. You could have a bob-cut, or plaits, or free-flowing hair, but as long as you look beautiful in it, your man would follow you to the moon and back. Usually, men love glorious locks cascading in waves, but it all depends on the facial structure of the woman. Manner of walking

4. Manner of walking

Men notice women when they walk. If a woman walks with a hunch, or slouches, or trudges along, she comes off as lazy, and quite careless. Walking with a stride, a purpose is what attracts men. The zeal, the passion, and the independence are what captures a man’s attention, and his heart. Voice

5. Voice

There is a reason why men flock to female singers. There is something in that lilting voice that is so melodious, so soothing, that men can’t help but fall in love. While some voices are shrill, and some are deep, it isn’t your fault if the man doesn’t like it. You don’t need his validation for your existence. Eyebrows

Meeting my girlfriend for the first time, I noticed her eyebrows, perfectly shaped to a T, highlighting her eyes and bringing into full form her face. I don’t think that is a lone incident as I feel that people do notice eyebrows.

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