How many locks are open?

How Many Locks Riddle How Many Locks Are Open? How Many Locks Are Open?Three locks are unlocked Funny Riddles 35. Riddle: What has lots of eyes, but can’t see? Answer: A potato 36. Riddle: What has one eye, but can’t see? Answer: A needle Riddle: What has many needles, but doesn’t sew? Answer: A Christmas tree Riddle: What has hands, but can’t clap? Answer: A clock

Riddle: What has legs, but doesn’t walk? Answer: A table 40. Riddle: What has one head, one foot and four legs? Answer: A bed 41. Riddle: What can you catch, but not throw? Answer: A cold 42. Riddle: What kind of band never plays music? Answer: A rubber band 43. Riddle: What has many teeth, but can’t bite? Answer: A comb 44. Riddle: What is cut on a table, but is never eaten? Answer: A deck of cards 45. Riddle: What has words, but never speaks? Answer: A book 46. Riddle: What runs all around a backyard, yet never moves? Answer: A fence 47. Riddle: What can travel all around the world without leaving its corner? Answer: A stamp 48. Riddle: What has a thumb and four fingers, but is not a hand? Answer: A glove 49. Riddle: What has a head and a tail but no body? Answer: A coin 50. Riddle: Where does one wall meet the other wall? Answer: On the corner 51. Riddle: What building has the most stories? Answer: The library 52. Riddle: What tastes better than it smells? Answer: Your tongue 53. Riddle: What has 13 hearts, but no other organs? Answer: A deck of cards 54. Riddle: It stalks the countryside with ears that can’t hear. What is it? Answer: Corn 55. Riddle: What kind of coat is best put on wet? Answer: A coat of paint 56. Riddle: What has a bottom at the top? Answer: Your legs 57. Riddle: What has four wheels and flies? Answer: A garbage truck

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