News of her passing has devastated the whole country

Kate Kaufling, a beloved sophomore nursing student at the University of Kentucky, passed away on March 31, 2024, after a long battle with osteosarcoma. She was 20 years old.

Born in 2003, Kate was actively involved in the school dance team and the Tri Delta sorority. Her twin sister, Abbey, was also on the dance team. Abbey expressed her grief on Instagram, writing, “My sweet Kate, you were my person.”

Kate was diagnosed with bone cancer on June 2, 2023. Despite her illness, she remained dedicated to her studies. Sandy Bell, the university’s executive associate athletics director, remarked, “Kate was not only a great dancer but also a great student in the College of Nursing who took her work very seriously.”

Dawn Walters, head dance coach, added, “Her smile could light up a room, and everyone on the UKDT loved her. We are all very sad about Kate’s death.”

Kate’s parents, Holly and Steve, and her sister Abbey, will deeply miss her. Kate’s memory lives on through the countless lives she touched.

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