19 Tweets That Can Make Even the Most Cold-Hearted People Shed a Tear

If you feel that it’s only Hollywood producers and scriptwriters who can come up with interesting plots that can make viewers around the world admire them and shed tears over them, you are wrong.When you realize that the following stories they tell are real, the degree of emotionality increases a hundredfold. 1. My dad died when I was 8. Every week a few of the dads on my hockey team would offer to tie my skates. Not in a big showy way, in a quiet kind way. They filled the gap. Find a way to fill the gap for someone. It’ll make you both better. 2.My girlfriend doesn’t know this, but anytime we spend time apart I listen to music she normally plays to feel like I have her around.

3.Having a conversation with my grandma with Alzheimer’s: Me: “It was nice seeing you.” Grandma: “It was nice remembering you.” Me: “You remember me??” Grandma: “I don’t remember your name, but I remember that I love you.” 4. My neighbor just dropped the cake she was carrying from her car to her house and sat down and cried until her husband carried her into the house, and I’ve never felt a stronger connection to any other human being in my life. Baking her a new cake now. 5.After 20 years, my momma still wakes up at 4 AM every morning to cook my dad a full breakfast and sends him off to work with a fresh cup of coffee and a packed lunch that she made for him. That’s the wife I’m trynna be.

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