Here’s What You Need To Know If You See Someone Wearing Shoes

Computer scientists from Austria have introduced a groundbreaking shoe, called InnoMake, designed to help blind individuals navigate obstacles while walking,

Developed by Tec-Innovation and Graz University of Technology, this innovative shoe, priced at over $3,000, boasts waterproof ultrasonic sensors on each toe, capable of detecting obstacles up to 13 feet away.

As wearers approach objects, vibrations and sounds alert them, akin to parking sensors in vehicles. Markus Raffer, a visually impaired co-founder of Tec-Innovation, has lauded its effectiveness, noting personal benefits.

Each foot features a dedicated sensor, available as a complete shoe or retrofit option, capable of identifying an object’s nature, be it a wall, car, or stairs, and providing tailored alerts.

Future plans include incorporating camera-based recognition and machine learning for improved navigation assistance, potentially offering a “street view navigation map” for users.

Friedrich Fraundorfer at TU Graz emphasized the shoe’s potential to revolutionize the lives of visually impaired individuals, granting them greater independence and safety in navigating their surroundings.

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