13 Employees Open Up about the Worst Bosses They Have Ever Worked With

Have you ever come across a toxic boss? If not, count yourself lucky. Many people who are in employment suffer in silence because of toxic and mean bosses, and some end up quitting for the sake of their mental health.Securing a new job is one of the best things. But many only realize it’s not all rosy when they discover they are in a toxic environment. That’s when anxiety and stress kicks in, and many choose their peace of mind over money. These employees shared their worst stories on Reddit of working for toxic bosses. Some who couldn’t stand them and got fired; others simply quit! Let’s check out what they had to say.

Comments have been edited for grammar and clarity. 1. I Walked Away with a Better Jobu/invisible_23: I worked for this guy at an ice cream store. He kept cutting my hours for arbitrary reasons, so I got another job and put in my two weeks’ notice.Halfway through my two weeks’ notice, I got the flu and tried to call in. The guy told me he would fire me if I didn’t go to work. So I showed up, and he told me I wasn’t being “cheerful enough” for the customers. So I looked at him, said nothing, grabbed my bag, and walked out the door. At this point, he followed me and threatened to call my new job and tell them I was a terrible employee. I called my new job to give them a heads-up. They said, We don’t care, you’re hired. Feel better, we’ll see you Monday.” 2. Declining a Promotion Led to a Workplace Nightmare

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