Julia Roberts Shares Rare Photo of Son Henry on His ‘Beautiful’ 17th Birthday

Julia Roberts Celebrates ‘Beautiful’ Son Henry’s 17th Birthday: A Rare Glimpse of Her Youngest Julia Roberts posted a lovely photo to Instagram to commemorate the 17th birthday of her youngest son. Although the image is unusual—Julia is usually known to be secretive about her children—she and her spouse have previously shared amazing views of Henry Moder, leaving fans speechless.

Date: June 29, 2024 Author: James William 0 Comments Julia Roberts Celebrates ‘Beautiful’ Son Henry’s 17th Birthday: A Rare Glimpse of Her Youngest Julia Roberts posted a lovely photo to Instagram to commemorate the 17th birthday of her youngest son. Although the image is unusual—Julia is usually known to be secretive about her children—she and her spouse have previously shared amazing views of Henry Moder, leaving fans speechless. The son of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder, a famous pair in Hollywood, deserves a very happy birthday! On June 18, Henry Moder, the youngest person in their family, turned seventeen. His devoted mother marked the happy event with a series of lovely mother-son posts, which have garnered a wave of supportive comments on social media. The “Pretty Woman” actress looks down at Henry, who was still a newborn, in the picture, and her eyes are beaming with love and happiness. Cradled in his mother’s protecting arms, the inquisitive and endearing infant appears engrossed in something beyond the frame.

Julia wrote a brief but lovely description for the photo, expressing her shock as well as her pride. It’s amazing that this little child has grown into a magnificent 17-year-old! “Happy Birthday, Henry, you are beautiful 💙,” she wrote. Even though Julia and Henry’s father, Daniel, value their kids’ privacy, the couple occasionally shares pictures and videos of their kids that are only available to them. Daniel in particular has been posting videos of Henry, Hazel, and Phinnaeus Moder having fun on social media, showing off adorable family moments to viewers.

Daniel published a video of Henry demonstrating his skating prowess at a skate park on Instagram. The boy, wearing dark trousers and an olive-colored t-shirt, can be seen riding his skateboard up an incline in the slow-motion footage.When he reaches the top of the ramp, Henry manages to turn the board around, bringing his attractive face into the frame of the camera. Then, when the film pans closer, viewers are treated to a close-up of his face and captivating eyes.On June 18, 2021, Daniel uploaded the amazing video to honor Henry’s 14th birthday. “Springs turn, turning in the air, turning fourteen. Ya Henry,” the adoring father wrote in the caption.

In addition to expressing their opinions about which father Henry most resembled, fans of the now-17-year-old were praising and complimenting him in the post’s comment section. “He resembles you exactly. Nice kid,” a supporter remarked.A second person said in agreement, “Looks just like his Dad! beautiful children.” Another person agreed with the remarks about the father-son resemblance, but they also mentioned Henry’s mother, saying, “Has mom’s hair.” That child cannot be denied. Haha.”Conversely, an Instagram user stated, “Clearly, this family has no Roberts genes at all! ” Once again, fans flocked to the comments section on social media when Henry’s father-lookalike posted an older photo of his kid.

Henry is seen in the 2018 photo posing in a lighthouse with casual-cool clothing. The long hair of the skater boy fell carelessly to frame his face as he looked down at the camera.Daniel added a caption to the dreamy photo, saying, “Look closely to see the star spangled shorts.” One cool youngster…On behalf of a lighthouse near the Cape, happy Fourth of July.” One fan wrote, “Handsome Henry,” beneath the photo, and another said, “Julias eyes .”Julia is still very much in love with Henry and his siblings, regardless of whether they look alike or not. She puts her duty as a mother above all else and has frequently boasted about them.

When Julia had an interview to talk about her brand-new film “Ticket to Paradise,” the reporter inquired about how she described herself as a homemaker. The mother of three said, “That’s my full-time job when I’m not working.” Although it’s not all sunshine and kittens, it does make me extremely happy.”

She also talked about her special relationship with Henry, who she considers to be her breakfast companion because they both get a great deal out of life’s most essential meal. “My favorite meal is breakfast, which I adore. Henry, my younger son, is my morning companion,” Julia said.The “Notting Hill” actress’s fondness of breakfast was acknowledged by the interviewer to such an extent that they joked about preventing her from sharing the meal with Henry Moder because of the interview. Indeed! We adore our morning meal!” Julia Roberts grinned and agreed.

In addition to Henry, Julia adores her twins Phinnaeus and Hazel. Julia talked warmly about Hazel as her only daughter joined her father, a cinematographer, at the 2021 Cannes picture Festival in promotion of his picture “Flag Day.” The public was drawn to the father-daughter interaction as well and was astounded by how much she resembled Daniel.At the age of sixteen, Hazel dressed chicly and casually for the famous occasion. She wore a yellow button-down dress with lace embroidery of flowers and black Mary Janes with clunky heels. She also pulled her fair hair back into a ponytail. Her father, however, was dressed elegantly in a black suit.Hazel’s parents were pleased with her, particularly her mother, who remarked on how wonderfully her daughter behaved. Remembering the unique occasion, Julia complimented her daughter and teased about their disagreements about how she looked and her assertiveness about not wanting to wear eyeliner, saying, “That girl is unique.It’s just so nice, the innocence, really.”

Fans praised Hazel’s beauty and called her attractive when they saw photos of the young woman on her father’s arm, but they also pointed out that Hazel and Julia are not physically alike. A supporter said, “She’s lovely but you’d never guess who her mum is…they really are not alike at all.”

I heard someone else say, “She doesn’t look anything like her Mum.” Some claimed that Hazel looks more like her father, but others noted that there are differences between her and Julia. Despite the opinion of many that Hazel and Julia don’t seem alike, many nevertheless praised the 19-year-old for her attractiveness.

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