Karma Strikes: My SIL Kicked Me Out of the Potluck, But Got Served Her Just Desserts

My Entitled SIL Kicked Me out of the Family Potluck Because I Couldn’t Bring Delicacies – Karma Taught Her a Better Lesson Than I Ever Could Emily is filled with dread at the things Jessica asks she bring to the extravagant potluck that her sister-in-law is throwing. Emily prepares a casserole to take with her in an attempt to stay under her budget, but Jessica rejects both it and her. Jessica has no choice but to eat humble pie until karma intervenes.It never occurred to me that a family potluck would become so theatrical.

My relationship with Jessica, my sister-in-law, had never been good.She frequently flaunted her costly tastes and opulent lifestyle, which made me feel insignificant no matter how hard I tried to work things out with her.Of course, it didn’t help that Mark, my spouse, had been having financial difficulties for the previous 12 months due to his job loss.Mark once told me, “I can’t make any apologies for my sister,” when I was griping about something Jessica had said. “

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