Am I the Villain for “Hiding” My Husband’s Birthday Gift from His Mom After Uncovering Its Secret?

Am I Wrong for “Hiding” My MIL’s Birthday Present to My Husband after Finding Out What Was Inside?Lila hides Carol’s birthday gift from Bill because she is sick of her cold-hearted mother-in-law ruining her husband’s birthday and wants to save him the sorrow and hurt that come with receiving gifts from his mother. However, things happen when Lila’s secret is revealed.Bill, my spouse, was clearly anxious. His birthday was approaching, and each year his mother gave him a gift that felt like a kick in the face.Bill sat with his shoulders hunched on our ragged couch.Trying to appear casual, he asked,

“Do you think she’ll actually care this time?” I put my palm on his and moaned. I was at a loss as to what to say. My husband had a rocky connection with his mother, so I knew I had to reassure him.“Perhaps,” I replied. “Remember, though, that it’s your birthday that we’re celebrating, not hers. Whatever happens, honey, we’re going to have a blast.”Bill gave me a smile that did not quite get to his eyes. I was aware of his deep desire for Carol to love and value him, but she consistently let him down. It went beyond the presents alone. It was the emotion that mattered.I had heard the story from Bill a long time ago.

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